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Editing is a very individual and subjective process that varies with each manuscript, each writer, each editor. My goal will be to help you polish your manuscript into an interesting, professional and ultimately saleable book.

Send me a sample of 10 pages of your work and tell me what kind of editing you're looking for. I will go over the 10 pages and give you my feedback, assessing how much or how little editing your work may require. From there, we can decide if we understand each other and can work together toward the same goal.

While I will give you suggestions on how you might improve your manuscript, you are the author and ultimate authority. I will not change your work without telling you; all my suggestions will be clearly visible.

My preference is to work on Word documents with track changes on. This way my suggestions are quickly evident and I can leave comments when needed. Contact me about other formats.

I used to break my editing fees down by type: Developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading. Developmental means looking at the whole book, the story arc, the character development, the plot points, etc. Copyediting concentrates on sentence structure, grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation and continuity. Proofreading is a last read-through to catch any typos or minor errors. What I found, though, was that if I was hired to do a proofread and I happened to see some holes in the plot, some inconsistencies with a character's words or actions, I could not in good conscience ignore that, and I would let the author know. What this means is that I do it all, regardless of what I'm hired for, so I have rolled all editing into one type, one price. My fee is $1.00 per 100 words; $50 minimum. (i.e. 50,000 word ms = $500.)

Q: Do you edit all genres?
A: No horror or poetry.

Q: What's your background?
I've been writing, editing and publishing for over 40 years in various formats: books (both fiction and non-fiction), short stories, newsletters, blogs, and articles. I am a self-described "grammar and punctuation police" and hunt down typos with a vengeance. I am a regular contributor to Indies Unlimited and strongly recommend the site for aspiring writers. The archive of articles there is a treasure trove of information.

What others are saying:
"You caught things that got past four other editors!"

"I paid thousands to an editor and you caught many more errors than she did, plus the ones she added in!"

"Before finding Melissa, I searched a long time for an editor. I'm so glad I kept searching because she is definitely a gem. On one level, Melissa is professional and very knowledgeable about writing and editing, having extensive experience as an independent author and editor. Yet her approach is friendly and personal, like talking with a good friend. She makes insightful and constructive suggestions that take your work to a higher level, above where you ever thought it could be. She always responds quickly to any concerns or questions no matter the time or day. Melissa took my book from bare bones to completed and ready in no time. She is passionate about writing and editing and it shows. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."--M.A. E.





If you have written a book that you want to self-publish through Create Space or Smashwords, I can help. I offer formatting assistance for either print books or e-books. Pricing depends on the size of the book and the format desired.